tiresplus Frequently Asked Questions About Tires Plus Total Car Care

tiresplus Frequently Asked Questions About Tires Plus Total Car Care

When looking for a Tires+ location, be sure to look for a square, bright yellow sign. You’ll find this store on the left of the large “Just Buy” sign. Follow this yellow square sign to the location of your choice. It’s easy to miss, but it’s worth it to avoid missing the tire store. You can find more information about the company’s warranty policy and customer reviews by visiting

Customer reviews of Tires Plus Total Car Care

Tires Plus Total Car Care is a well-known company for its quality tires and services. It is based in Clearwater, Florida, and has more than 500 locations in 23 states. Its services range from auto repair to car servicing. You can set up an appointment online or visit a physical location. The company prides itself on using an honest approach and providing the services they promise. Listed below are some customer reviews of Tires Plus Total Car Care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tires Plus Total Car Care

Many questions arise about Tires Plus Total Car Care, such as: how much funding do they have, how much revenue does the company generate, and where are they located? We’ve compiled the answers to these questions in our Frequently Asked Questions about Tires Plus Total Car Care, so you can get the information you need about this car care company. From its founders to its head office, here are some answers to your questions.

The company was founded in 1972 and has headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Today, they have over 500 locations across 22 states and employ around 8,880 people. Their business model is focused on retail and technology, and customers enjoy a wide range of services at reasonable prices. Getting to know their company’s background can help you make informed decisions about how to approach them. You can also learn what they specialize in so you can know who you should prioritize.

Tires Plus’ warranty policy

If you’re shopping for a new tire, you’ll want to review Tires Plus’ warranty policy. If you buy tires from a store that offers a warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the company is behind its products. Tires Plus’ warranty covers both personal and commercial passenger vehicles. This means that, if the tire breaks down and you need to replace it, you’ll receive free service for the life of the tire, and if the tire you’re purchasing is faulty, you can get a replacement for the cost of the tires.

You can take your vehicle to any Tires Plus location and get a free estimate. You can also use this policy to schedule an appointment online. Just remember that your appointment must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. In many cases, you’ll need to provide proof of purchase before you can get the free estimate. If you’re not sure how to schedule an appointment, you can contact a customer service representative to learn more about the warranty policies offered by various stores.

The Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty covers purchases made from a Tires Plus store. Supplemental Mileage Limited Warranty is another type of warranty that covers tire defects, but it differs by model and brand. The Limited Nationwide Service Warranty applies only to Tires Plus stores. This warranty policy does not affect the Limited Nationwide Service Warranty or the auto parts and service you can purchase from a Tires Plus store. If you have any questions about the warranty policy, contact the nearest Tires Plus store.

warranty policy does not affect

Cooper passenger and light truck tires have a Limited Warranty. You can get a free replacement if the tire breaks while in use, and the warranty covers the tires’ installation. However, you must keep in mind that your warranty can only be used in the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, and the District of Columbia. If you live outside of these states, it doesn’t apply to you. The warranty is only valid for passenger and light truck tires that are purchased at Tires Plus.

As long as you maintain proper maintenance, you’ll be eligible for Tires Plus’ Limited Warranty. This policy covers any damage that your tires experience while on the road, but you must ensure that they are inflated to the recommended pressure and rotated every 5,000 miles. Furthermore, you should inspect your tires on a regular basis to avoid premature wear and tear. The warranty may be worth it if you’re caught with premature tire replacement.

The Limited Road Hazard Warranty covers the first 2/32nds of your tire’s tread life. This warranty is designed to cover the costs of repair if they fail. Discount Tire Direct extends their warranty coverage up to 24 months for tires that are less than 3/32 inches deep. Unlike most manufacturers’ warranties, the SimpleTire warranty covers tire repair or replacement for a fee, and it’s often more generous than the manufacturer’s warranty.

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