The World’s Most Essential AI Technology

The World’s Most Essential AI Technology

With the growth and development in technology, it has been seen how there is a growing trend in Artificial Intelligence or AI being incorporated into technology. The best thing is, that we are using Artificial Technology every day and we do not realize it. Most of the Artificial Intelligence technology that we are using is making use of the internet, therefore, it is important to have an internet connection such as with one of the best in speed and security. Xfinity internet.

They have a very reliable high-speed internet service so be sure to look into Xfinity internet deals to keep updated about the prices and get a hassle-free connection as soon as possible. Back to the wonderful world of AI, here is some of the technology we use every day that uses Artificial Intelligence and we did not know. 

Smart Devices 

Tech-savvy people make sure that they have smart devices in their houses. It gives you a very Batman-esque kind of feeling when everything in your house is automated and all you have to do is to give a command with your voice and the device will do what you want it to do. These devices include smart speakers, devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, smart security cameras, smartphones, and even smartwatches. The reason why these devices can carry out tasks on the command of your voice is that they have Artificial Intelligence incorporated into them. They can understand what you want them to do and in most cases, they successfully carry out the tasks that you want them to do, which means that you can have a greater reliance on these devices. 

Self-Driving Cars

When Tesla started manufacturing and releasing cars, they were a breakthrough in the automobile industry. They were the first ones to introduce the concept of self-driving cars or the auto-pilot mode. Through this feature, your car actually just drives itself and there is not much that you have to do. The Artificial Intelligence in the car senses the lane markers on the road and then drives within that lane. Artificial Intelligence is so good that you can easily rely on the self-driving feature. Similarly, there are other cars such as BMW, Nissan, Ford, and Volvo that can park themselves, also through the use of Artificial Intelligence. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the perfect combination between the real world and the world inside your device. What it does is, in incorporates AR technology and digitally add things to whatever you can see through your camera. Such an example could be Pokemon Go if you have ever played it. When you are in a battle with a Pokemon or are simply trying to capture it, you can turn on the AR mode and it turns on the camera and it seems as if the Pokemon is right in front of you. Augmented Reality has actually made things a lot more fun and interesting and it’s great to see the digital world combined with the real world. 

Deep Learning

Deep Learning could be seen as the next step in machine learning as it gets closer to thinking like a human. It allows machines to think like a human and make decisions as per those thoughts. It is a more extensive process of processing data and understanding it so that a solution could be made out of it. Most of the concept of deep learning is used in the medical industry as it tries to figure out how the human brain works and how substances such as drugs can have an effect on the human brain. These are commonly known as medical research tools and they also make efficient use of image recognition as well. 


Do you know you can effectively talk to machines as well? In fact, you could possibly do that on a daily basis as well. These machines are known as chatbots that are programmed to help with your queries so that human efforts could be minimized. The best part about a chatbot is the fact that it also makes use of Artificial Intelligence and it makes it seem as if you are talking to a human and are asking them for help.

Chatbots normally communicate with humans over the phone, through websites, by sending messages, and commonly through mobile apps as well. The responses that you receive depend entirely on what you send or what you ask, the chatbot will not sway away from the topic or your question. This results in a better customer experience and people actually have their queries answered faster if they are in contact with a chatbot than with a human. 

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence has made things a lot easier for us as it has not just decreased human efforts and interactions but has also increased our reliance on it. It is without a doubt that we are heading towards a world that would be very futuristic and would depend on robots and technology. 

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