The Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For the Love Season

The Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For the Love Season

For your environmentally conscious partner, there are several gift options this season. Consider buying a gift that is made by a brand that values transparency. Choose gifts that are made with secondhand items and upcycled materials, which help your loved one live a low-waste lifestyle. You may also consider buying products that support local businesses and upcycled materials. In addition, you’ll feel good knowing that your gift is helping protect the environment and the planet the best eco-friendly gift ideas for the love season.

Our Green House

When you’re not sure what to give your special someone, consider an eco-friendly gift. Not only is it cute, but eco-conscious gifts are also better for the environment. Every purchase has an impact, so it makes sense to buy thoughtfully. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they will feel good knowing that you’ve chosen something good for the planet as well. So, consider our eco-friendly gift ideas this love season!

If you’re wondering what to give your favorite eco-conscious friend this season, start with your local supermarket. Most eco-friendly products are recyclable or biodegradable. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also more affordable than other gift ideas. And because they’re made of sustainable materials, they’re more durable and last longer than other gifts. And they’re always a great choice for your loved one.

Creative Women’s

If you’re looking for some creative women’s gift ideas for the love season, look no further than Anthropologie. Their faux fur throws are soft, universal, and functional. For example, they’re perfect for chopping up ingredients and serving charcuterie. And, because they are double-sided, one side is smooth for serving, while the other has grooves that catch juices.

If she loves fashion and beauty, you’ll find that high-end designer gifts never go out of style. For fashionistas, consider an Apple watch or a set of noise-canceling headphones. If she enjoys technology, consider giving her a set of monogrammed iPhone cases, or a cutting-edge skin-care device. Alternatively, gift her a luxury infrared sauna blanket or a deep-tissue massager from Bath & Body Works the best eco-friendly gift ideas for the love season.


One of the most popular and appreciated brands of outdoor clothing, Patagonia is also a leader in sustainable business practices. Since 1983, Patagonia has pledged to contribute 1% of sales to environmental protection. The company is also committed to social responsibility, joining 1% for the Planet in 2007. The company has given more than $89 million to environmental groups and has even sued the Trump administration to protect national monuments.

One of Patagonia’s most popular lines of outdoor apparel is its breathable, recycled-polyester clothing. For winter months, consider purchasing a pair of their organic cotton, hemp, and recycled-polyester beanies. Men need organic underwear, too. Tentree and Allbirds both make organic underwear. Children can also wear ethically made, eco-friendly clothing.

Henry Rose

If you’re looking for a unique and eco-friendly gift idea for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, consider one of these Henry Rose eco-friendly gift ideas. Created by actor Michelle Pfeiffer, Henry Rose is dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients and is committed to environmental responsibility. The company pledges to use only renewable and sustainable resources when sourcing its materials, and their packaging is 100% recyclable. In addition, each product has been tested to ensure its ingredients are environmentally friendly and safe to use. They’re also certified by the Environmental Working Group and Cradle to Cradle.

A fragrance set is a great way to share your love of nature with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Henry Rose has three fragrances, including Queens & Monsters, which combine the freshness of petitgrain with the zest of sandalwood for a distinctly woody scent. The Queens & Monsters gift set comes with a full-size fragrance, body cream, and an exclusive gift bag. It’s one of the most decadent and eco-friendly gift ideas you can give this Valentine’s Day.

Allbirds Wool Runners

The New Zealand shoe company, Allbirds, has launched the Allbirds Wool Runners, a new eco-friendly pair of shoes. They’re made of merino wool and sustainable materials. Each pair costs $95 and ships free! Even better, they’re made with eucalyptus pulp and are made from certified B-corporation materials.

Allbirds’ wool cardi is a chic layering piece with a deep V-neck and oversized buttons. Made from 100% recycled materials and merino wool, this sweater is supremely insulating and makes for a chic layering piece. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and ZQ-certified. You can even get a wool blazer or a jacket lined with recycled polyester and tree-fiber.

Toad&Co versatile dress

One of the best gift ideas for a stylish lady on your list is a Toad&Co versatile dress. Made from organic cotton and a blend of tencel and organic cotton, Toad&Co dresses can take her from day to night. These versatile dresses are also a great choice for traveling because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

As part of its sustainability mission, Toad&Co uses sustainable materials in its manufacturing processes. Its sustainable approach to fabric manufacturing has allowed the company to launch its new collection that features 98% sustainably made fabrics. This means that Toad&Co is reducing its carbon footprint by more than 50 tons. And they’re on their way to being completely sustainable this spring, too. They have strict guidelines on how their products are manufactured, and each one must use a minimum of 80% sustainable fibers.

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