Reviews – Is SurveyJ Co Legit? Reviews – Is SurveyJ Co Legit?

When it comes to online survey sites, there are many Reviews available. This article will provide you with some information about’s features, the Pulse app, and Payments. There are also several things to keep in mind if you’re considering joining this survey network. Here are some of the best ways to make the most of this company. We’ve compiled some of our thoughts on each.

You can check out some reviews on the internet to determine whether this site is legit or not. Its website has a lot of negative feedback, so be aware of these points before making a decision. One of the most common complaints is that the company does not follow the laws. It also abuses customer data. As a result, the company is not reputable and lacks a trustworthy track record.

The founders of Survey J are not listed on Linkedin. It seems they’re part of a larger scam group. Other similar websites boast of making large amounts of money, but never live up to their promises. Surveyj’s copy is quite similar to other scam websites, and it is unlikely that they’ll deliver on their promises. You should stay away from them. Read our reviews to learn if the company is legit.

Pulse app

The Pulse app allows survey participants to complete surveys directly from their mobile devices. They can opt-in to Pulse either through the Survey Junkie website or via an app on their mobile device. The app allows survey participants to earn more points and receive exclusive rewards based on their browsing activity. By completing surveys with Pulse, survey takers will be able to access more surveys that interest them.

The Pulse app helps employers collect information on a wide range of topics through short, automated surveys. Employees can be asked about anything from the office decor to the supply of toilet paper, water, or coffee. In addition to tracking employee mood, pulse surveys can be customized for any industry and organization. With Pulse, employees can send and edit surveys from their mobile devices without any sign of identity or confidentiality. They can even edit surveys at the point of submission, so that they can provide anonymous feedback on the topic of their choice.


If you are looking for a legitimate survey site, you should not waste your time with SurveyJ Co. This data harvesting site has 5 major red flags. The creator of SurveyJ Co hides their identity. It is not surprising given that the creator is aware that the site will be shut down soon. If you’re wondering how much money can you make with SurveyJ Co, read on to find out more….And more importantly, don’t lose any money by signing up.

There are a couple of ways to redeem your survey rewards. The first option is via PayPal. In some instances, Survey Junkie may call you for verification. This can take a few minutes. Keep in mind that PayPal charges a 3% fee for the transaction. To avoid this fee, you should spend your money somewhere else. Another option is through direct bank transfers. All you need is a bank account and a routing number.


If you’re looking for reviews, you’ve come to the right place. While the site’s popularity is rising, the payouts are not. In fact, some users report not getting paid at all. This website is a data harvesting scam. It requires paying for surveys before a payout can be processed. The company also requires you to download a number of apps to complete surveys. However, that’s not the only reason for the poor customer service.

The site’s Payouts for Reviews vary, depending on the surveys you take. The average survey is worth $0.50 to $3. The shorter the survey, the lower the payout. It’s also possible to earn more points than that. You’ll need to reach a minimum point limit to cash out your earnings. Surveys can take anywhere from a few seconds to 30 minutes to complete, but the more you earn, the higher the payouts.

Trust score

It is very difficult to assess the trustworthiness of a survey site unless you’ve done your homework. There are a lot of warning signs that tell you the SurveyJ Co is a scam. These include the fact that the creator of the site hides his identity and has never released the trust score of the website. It also has 5 major red flags that are a dead giveaway. Let’s explore these issues to see if you should avoid using this site.

One indicator that reveals how people trust a survey site is how many respondents agree or disagree with a specific statement. World Value Survey data shows significant cross-country differences. Norway, Sweden, and Finland are all consistently higher than Colombia. Germany, on the other hand, has a lower trust score than France and Italy. Despite these differences, most countries have similar or lower trust ratings than the United States. While many countries tend to be more trusting of the web site, they may not trust online pollsters.


There are numerous negative reviews out there and it is clear that the company needs to change its format structure. The present format is not very pleasing to the eye and is very hard to crack. As a result, it loses credibility. There are no employees that publicly record the responses and there is no evidence to back up their claims. It is a scam. In order to avoid this situation, the company should make the survey taking process more secure.

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