Spectrum News Network Announces New News Team

Spectrum News Network Announces New News Team

When you choose to watch a local TV channel, you can’t go wrong with the Spectrum News Network. The stations feature local news from different locations around the country, and have a distinct format. Instead of live news programming and violent crime coverage, these channels offer news updates. Many of the stations cover breaking news, such as severe weather and political debates. While not all of the news shows are local, the ones on the Spectrum News Network are highly localized and focus on breaking news.

Spectrum News 1 Central New York

The new weekday news team at Spectrum’s central New York station has been announced. The new team includes daytime, evening, and weekend news anchors. Among the newest members of the news team are weekend morning and evening anchors and reporter/anchor Jacques. The new morning news team will be responsible for bringing local and regional news to Central New York. Jacques is a native New Yorker. Previously, Edwards anchored the evening news in Rochester.

The regional news channel’s rebranding comes at a time when many local broadcasters are struggling. In November 2003, the station launched as “News 10 Now.” The channel has a restored. It’s historic building that used to house the former New York Central Railroad Passenger and Freight Station. Despite the rebranding, the news channel has kept its staff of journalists and photographers in regional newsrooms throughout the state. It now covers Central and Northern New York.

Previously known as Time Warner Cable’s News 10 Now, Spectrum-News Central New York launched in Central and Northern New York in November 2003. Time Warner Cable invested a significant sum of capital in the launch of the new channel, which is still active today. The station’s base is the historic Central New York train station, which was turn into a news center for the network. It is composed of reporters and photographers who work from regional newsrooms throughout the central and northern part of the state.

Final Words

In addition to its main station, Spectrum News 1 Central New York also has a network of affiliates, which share content with sister channels in the Northern Tier and Southern Tier. Despite being a regional news channel, the station is not available on satellite or cable in some areas. Zito Media, the owner of the cable franchise, does not offer Charter Spectrum in some areas of Cayuga County. Nevertheless, viewers in Upstate New York can still watch Spectrum News 1 Central New York.

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