Netflix Limited Series – Behind Her Eyes, Unbelievable, and Maniac

Netflix Limited Series – Behind Her Eyes, Unbelievable, and Maniac

For a list of the best new shows on Netflix, read our article Behind Her Eyes, The Queen’s Gambit, Unbelievable, and Maniac. These Netflix Limited Series are well worth watching and can be found on the streaming site at any time. You can also subscribe to the service to receive new episodes via email. We also share a few of our favorite Netflix Originals. Listed below are our picks. Enjoy!

Behind Her Eyes

Netflix’s new limited series follows the story of a woman named Louise who has an affair with her new boss’s wife. A single mother with a young son, Louise becomes friends with the wife of David, who has recently moved to a new town. When she bumps into David in a bar, he shares a steamy kiss with her before going to work. The backstory of this affair is confusing, and Louise feels like an audience member, trying to decipher this highly dysfunctional dynamic.

Creator Sarah Pinborough and writer Steve Lightfoot have an extensive background in TV. Lightfoot, who worked on Marvel’s The Punisher, previously developed the Netflix adaptation of The Punisher. In addition, he wrote episodes of the hit television series Narcos and the acclaimed series Hannibal. Lightfoot has the talent to keep the story moving along without giving too much away. The Netflix Limited Series’ writers have an impressive resume, and Behind Her Eyes is no exception.

Plot of This Series

This miniseries is an adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s novel of the same name. The characters in Behind Her Eyes are full of secrets and betrayal, and the characters are full of secrets that no one can remember. Even the title implies a solution, but that solution is a lot more complicated than anyone could imagine. After watching Behind Her Eyes, you’ll want to watch it again.

While it’s too early to say whether the series will be renewed, it’s a good idea to watch the first season. Season 1 was produced before COVID-19 came into effect, which is affecting all film productions. If you like the storyline and cast, you might want to tune in for the second season. After all, the limited series format has been very successful for Netflix. Whether it’s a hit or not will depend on how well the first season did.

Despite the positive reception of the Netflix Limited Series, the first episodes are a little thin. Louise, a single mother with a teenage son, is barely defined by anything besides her own sex. She manages to support her family with a part-time job at a psychiatrist’s office. As her relationship with David’s boss deepens, she becomes an unlikely friend to his wife, Adele. The episode reveals a dark psychological story.

Maniac: Netflix Limited Series

The Netflix limited series Maniac has received positive reviews from critics, and it has already garnered multiple nominations for acting and writing. It follows the twisted relationship between Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim, a working-class couple who become mind-controlling pharmaceutical trial subjects. Unlike Inception, which previewed this premise eight years ago, Maniac follows characters in their shared dreams, and explores themes that are akin to the real world.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to two main characters: Owen Milgrim and Annie Landsberg (Jonah Hill and Emma Stone), two strangers drawn to a secret pharmaceutical trial. While the story revolves around the drug trial, it also touches on themes of personal trauma, family dysfunction, and mental illness. It also contains a rich cast and a thrilling soundtrack. The Netflix limited series is set to arrive on September 21.

Plot of Maniac

The setting of Maniac is also a highlight, with its futuristic and pseudo-reductive setting creating an interesting contrast with the present day. The show blends elements of the late twentieth century with visions of the future, creating a world with an unsettling mix of modern technology. During one episode, for example, we see old corded telephones and yellowed computers. Also, there’s a significant Japanese influence. Episode seven features a world reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings.

Despite its risky approach, “Maniac” is a fascinating piece of original Netflix content. It’s a thriller with a truly insane premise, and it’s available for streaming. The Netflix limited series stars Emma Stone in multiple outfits, which makes it a compelling option for viewers who enjoy risky television. With a tight plot, the 10-episode season feels like a solid debut.

It’s easy to see why Maniac is labeled as a limited series on Netflix. While the storyline is limited, there’s no indication that the series won’t be renewed for a second season. In fact, it’s a more ambitious venture than Pretty Little Lies, which launched under the same pretext in 2014 and has already spawned two sequels. So, it’s not a surprise that Maniac is already making waves in the world of limited series.

The Queen’s Gambit: Netflix Limited Series

The Queen’s Gambit, a new Netflix limited series, has earned a nomination for two Golden Globe Awards. In the Best Television Motion Picture category, the show is up against Godless, which won the award in 2016. However, The Queen’s Gambit may not be that much of an Emmy winner. Instead, it’s likely to gain some attention as one of the most popular television shows of the year. It’s a great start for Netflix, which might want to capitalize on the popularity of its chess content.

The Queen’s Gambit’s success has resulted in several awards. It has won eleven Primetime Emmy Awards, including Best Limited Series or Anthology Series. Additionally, the series has received nominations for two Golden Globes, including Best Limited Series or Television Film. Taylor-Joy has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, including Best Actress in a Limited Series or Television Movie.

The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix limited-series has become an unexpected hit in the streaming service. It’s an adaptation of Walter Tevis’s novel of the same name, which was published in 1984. Despite its high popularity, it’s unlikely that the show will get a Season 2.


In addition to its star-filled cast, “Queen’s Gambit” is also a good example of a TV show that can capture the attention of chess enthusiasts. The story revolves around Beth Harmon, a young chess player who is orphaned after a car crash. Beth is sent to the barren Methuen Home for Girls in Kentucky, where she’s plied with tranquilizers and relegated to a basement. Eventually, she meets gruff janitor Mr. Shaibel, who introduces her to the game.

“The Queen’s Gambit,” a seven-episode miniseries, is the most popular series on Netflix right now. It’s won two Golden Globes and has garnered 18 Emmy nominations, so you should be able to catch it at some point. It follows the book quite closely, and the show’s production team may even make a stage musical version of it.

Unbelievable: Netflix Limited Series

The upcoming eight-part Netflix limited series “Unbelievable” is set to launch on February 22. The show stars Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever. Written by Erin Brockovich author Susannah Grant, Unbelievable is produced by CBS TV Studios and studio-based producers Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly. Katie Couric serves as executive producer. Despite its premise, the series is far more than a compelling crime story.

Unbelievable follows the investigation of a real-life case of sexual assault. Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning article by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong, this show focuses on the role of law enforcement officials in failing to believe a young woman who reported her rape to police. Although the case ended in an arrest, the rapist continued to rape other women for years. Eventually, two female detectives teamed up to catch the rapist.

This series follows the story of a woman who claims to have been raped by an undercover police officer. The story centers around Christine Blasey Ford, who is prosecuted after speaking out and standing up for her rights. Unbelievable highlights the importance of standing up for your rights and ensuring that you are never a victim again. If you’re wondering about watching this Netflix limited series, make sure to watch it.

Another Netflix limited series that is set to release on September 13 is “The Twelve.” This is a drama about a single mother who is accused of killing her daughter. It’s similar to “Unbelievable” except that it only has eight episodes and no further seasons. In a similar fashion, “The Twelve” also received critical acclaim but didn’t get the kind of buzz “Unbelievable” received. It only has a few thousand IMDb ratings.

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