Joseph Cheaney & Sons Shoes

Joseph Cheaney & Sons Shoes

Founded in Northamptonshire, joseph cheaney & sons shoes is a British shoe brand dedicated to bringing craft-driven, timeless design to every part of life. With timeless designs, the company rejects trend-led aesthetics and focuses on craft, durability, and repairability. Its ‘1 of 1’ range is a prime example of this. Its footwear is made in small batches and can last a lifetime, making each pair unique.

Handcrafted in Northamptonshire

Made in England since 1886, the Joseph Cheaney & Sons brand is synonymous with quality footwear and superior craftsmanship. Its factory in Desborough, Northamptonshire, is the oldest in the country. Each pair of shoes takes up to a month to complete and requires over 200 handtooled operations. The company was founded by Joseph Cheaney, a prominent local in the area. In 1896, it moved to its current Desborough premises, where it has been producing shoes and boots since.

Crafted by hand in Northamptonshire, Joseph Cheaney & Sons footwear is both contemporary and classic. The brand rejects trend-led aesthetics and focuses instead on craft and durability. They even take the time to repair shoes, ensuring their quality and longevity. Their shoes have been worn by celebrities and are available at high-end department stores worldwide. The brand is now owned by Church & Co, which has the same values as Cheaney.

Goodyear welting

You can take a peek at the craftsmanship behind a pair of Joseph Cheaney & Sons shoes in action by visiting their factory. You’ll be able to see firsthand how these shoes are made by disassembling a pair. Each pair of these shoes takes eight weeks to make, and each of them undergoes up to 160 separate processes. The quality of these shoes is one of the reasons why they last so long. The Goodyear welting technique fuses the upper and insole together, giving them increased comfort and longevity. They also include soft cork filling to provide added cushioning.

Another shoemaker with a rich history is Loake, which has been making Goodyear welted shoes since 1894. In addition to bespoke gentry shoes, this firm also crafts a collection of ready-to-wear Goodyear welted shoes. Their factory is located in Northamptonshire, so you can be sure that these shoes will last for many years.

Drawing board displays

The pristine white walls of the shop front and its sleek displays of traditional style shoes are striking and reminiscent of the company’s Northamptonshire factory. Against the stark white walls are rows of pendant lamps, and the shop’s back room is a salon-style space with contemporary British furniture and a portrait of the company’s founder. Inside, the artisan-crafted shoes are arranged on a drawing board that shows the methods used to craft them.

The Henrietta Street store features a gallery of the latest collections, with an inky blue lounge for fitting customers. The store also offers shoe polishing services. Opening soon, the store is a welcome addition to the West End. You won’t want to leave without checking out the new styles and colours. It’s well worth the visit. The store is open all year round, and the shoe polishing is second to none.

‘1 of 1’ range

For those who want a more unique pair of shoes, Joseph Cheaney & Sons specializes in handcrafted footwear. The company has been manufacturing footwear since 1886 and now offers customers a chance to create their own unique pair of handmade Cheaney shoes. The ‘1 of 1’ range of shoes can only be ordered in the company’s flagship store in Jermyn St. Interested customers can book an appointment to begin the process, and staff at the store will guide them through the process.

The company’s ‘1 of 1’ range of footwear features a traditional Northampton style, with leather and suede made in two different tones. The shoes are also available in heavy grained Veltshoen construction. Among the other styles of Cheaney shoes are country brogues, Derby boots, and fur-lined boots. The brand’s range of shoes is so extensive that it’s often described as the Land Rover Defender of shoes. To ensure that each shoe is crafted to perfection, the company provides a six-week turnaround for replacing soles and heels.

‘Eco-Aware’ collection

In early 2021, Joseph Cheaney & Sons launched their Eco-Aware collection, building on their existing sustainable main collection. The brand is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and uses only natural raw materials to make their shoes. The company also sources leather from a famous English tannery to make its shoes, as well as cork bottom filler in the bottom of their boots. The eco-conscious footwear brand celebrated Pride Month by launching a range of Union Jack-emblazoned Lyall derby brogue boots.

The brand has been manufacturing handcrafted English shoes for over 130 years. The factory has been in the same location since 1886, and every step of the manufacturing process is still carried out by hand. The company employs over 140 skilled craftspeople in its factory to ensure every shoe is made with great care and attention to detail. Each shoe is carefully crafted in a single building, and each one is a masterpiece.

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