How I Become a NPC That Can Do Infinite Job

How I Become a NPC That Can Do Infinite Job

If you’re wondering how Su Mu was able to complete so many job changes in WoW, then you’re not alone! I’ve been asking myself that same question since I first started playing the game. After all, how many times have you wanted to become a npc with infinite job changes? In this article I’ll share with you the secrets I used to achieve infinite job changes in WoW i became a npc that can do infinite job changes.

Su Mu

Su Mu began the game as a farmer, but decided to join the militia when the game’s wars got too much for him. A farmer could not protect himself in a war that would never end. After completing the first job change, he became a Militia, then an Archer, and finally a Lancer, gaining the ability to pierce armor. The next few job changes would give him infinite power and increased his chances of survival.

The leaders of the raiders were horrified when they saw Su Mu’s abilities. The leader yanked on his rope violently to prevent him from falling off. Su Mu looked up at the leader in shock. Though he knew that Su Mu was not weaker than him, he was still awestruck by the sudden reversal of his offense and defense. Avril and the other raiders were left speechless, and Su Mu looked at them in an unnerving state.

The raider leader had a terrifying reputation. His moves exchanged injuries for injuries. However, Su Mu did not seem to have a disadvantage against him. His blades were tilted, and the leader of the raiders’ gang had a scar on his chest. Regardless, the raider leader had a hard time dealing with Su Mu’s attacks. This was a moment of extreme stress for Su Mu. He was unable to react in time, but he was stunned by the outcome.

How to become a npc that can do infinite job changes

In order to become an NPC that can do infinite job changes, you need to first reach a certain level. The maximum job level for this method is fifty. Using the method is not recommended because you’ll never be able to recover the extra job levels and skill points. Instead, you should spend the time learning how to become an NPC and earn the reward. This method will reward you for your time and efforts in the game.

Su Mu completed countless job changes

Before the game and real world merged, Su Mu woke up as a farmer, a position he found unsuitable for a man of endless power. Changing jobs quickly, Su Mu became a Militia. After this job change, he transformed into an Archer and finally, a Lancer. The latter role gained him the ability to pierce armor. By the time he had completed his third and final job change, he had obtained the highest rank in the game, and was regarded as the strongest in history.

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