How to Integrate Yandex Games With Your Website

How to Integrate Yandex Games With Your Website

Real Time Bidding Ads, also known as banners, should be minimized or paused. Generally, the ads should not cover the game content. Besides, rewarded ads should be muted and interstitial ones should be paused. Yandex recommends setting limits on the number of ads before the game starts, during the progress, and after the game is over. These are not the only ways to limit the number of ads on Yandex games.

Real time bidding ads

Real time bidding ads in games can be extremely effective in reaching the right audience at the right time. These ads are customized and reach users based on demographics and interests. He can opt-in to receive personalized ads by working with advertising partners, and they must disclose how their data is shared with these partners. It can receive pre-filtered inventory and bid on it, and real time bidding can be highly effective for this purpose. Publishers should provide complete documentation for their ads and developers to ensure the quality of the ads they place.

As an advertiser, you can maximize the revenue from each impression by using Real Time Bidding technology. The Yandex RTB system enables real-time auctions. The Yandex RTB system sends requests to advertising systems, which then evaluates the prices of those impressions and displays the winning ad. Yandex recommends using only three inserts in a game. While implementing real time bidding on Yandex, you should follow its guidelines.

The global real-time bidding market is dominated by the North American region. With the large number of smartphone users and increasing time spent online, the region is expected to dominate the market in the coming years. Furthermore, RTB allows advertisers to reach their targeted audience without requiring additional investments. While this may be beneficial for advertisers, some limitations and concerns exist for RTB. First, it is important to know where you can place your ads. Second, make sure you are targeting the right audience.

Third, Real-time Bidding can be a powerful tool for publishers to make their ads more effective. It helps advertisers buy ads on publisher websites. This system allows publishers to collect anonymous cookie data from users to better serve their ads. This is why this method is gaining traction among advertisers. There are several types of Real-Time Bidding ads available on websites and social networks. You can choose from two different formats: Invited Auction and Real-Time Bidding.

GameArter publisher

If you’re looking to publish games on Yandex, GameArter is an excellent choice. As a publisher of games on Yandex, GameArter offers its developers a suite of technological solutions. But don’t be fooled into thinking that GameArter will take care of all the details. Rather, the publisher works with developers to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. The company pays up to 70% of game revenue and rewards developers with a share of up to 92% of its sales.

In the case of PacoGames, the games are promoted automatically based on an algorithm that measures user experience. This algorithm prioritizes games that have received high user ratings and are relevant to the audience. Games with GameArter SDK implementation are automatically added to the recommended games section, and new games are automatically sent to developer followers. Moreover, games powered by GameArter SDK enjoy a 50% discount.

Integration with Yandex

If you are looking for a new game platform that can give you a competitive edge over the competition, integration with Yandex games is the way to go. Yandex is a Russian search engine that is used by over 40% of internet users to find information. Its mobile app has over one billion monthly users and accounts for the largest share of mobile web traffic in Russia. Users of the Yandex mobile app spend an average of 12 minutes and 17 seconds each month browsing the site. In addition, nearly 75% of Yandex users access the site from their Android phones. iOS smartphones are predicted to account for more than half of the market share by 2024. Only 0.02% of smartphones access the site with a Windows phone. Most of this traffic is direct and organic, with only 6.5% of users accessing the site via paid ads.

The Yandex app ecosystem also includes the renowned Alice smart assistant. The phone features a 5.65-inch display with dual cameras on either side. The Snapdragon 630 processor powers the device, and 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. It also has a headphone jack for headsets. Despite its many advantages, integration with Yandex games is not without its challenges. To make sure that users enjoy their experience, we recommend following these guidelines.

Apart from its games platform, Yandex has acquired mobile software developer SPB. Based in Russia, Thailand, and Taiwan, SPB develops software for all smartphone platforms. It also provides productivity tools and a user interface customization tool called SPB Shell 3D. We can expect this to be a major feature of future games. There is no doubt that Yandex will continue to grow its mobile presence. In fact, in the same way that Baidu and SPB did, Yandex has already become the default search client on Windows Phone devices distributed in Russia.


If you’re bored at work or on your lunch break, try playing the games on Yandex. These are games that are free to download and play. They allow you to play with other people or improve your record. The games are available both on mobile and desktop and you can find the ones that suit your interest in a specific category. Here, you can play many different types of games at once and get the maximum enjoyment.

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