7anime | All You Need To Know About 7anime

7anime | All You Need To Know About 7anime

Are you looking for some anime reviews? Read our reviews of the latest releases. 22/7, Special 7, Discotek, Master Keaton, and many more. We hope these reviews are helpful in choosing the perfect anime for you. But before you decide which anime is right for you, make sure you read our 7anime reviews first! We will go over the most important things you need to know before watching an anime! Here are some of the best anime series of all time!


If there’s one anime that’s known for being full of contradictions, it’s probably 22/7. This show routinely mixes serious character drama with bubbly idol shenanigans. Sometimes it squares the circle, and other times it’s total tonal whiplash. Regardless of your feelings about the show, here are some things to consider:

First, this anime was about idol stuff. While the storyline was fairly mediocre, I was still entertained by the visuals. I’m also glad to see more anime about idols! There’s always room for more idol stories in anime, and 22/7 is no different. While there’s no perfect anime, it’s certainly worth a watch if you enjoy idol stuff. While the storyline isn’t perfect, it is solid and the artwork and design are pretty.

Idol shows are a genre that’s dominated by teenage girls, and while 22/7 is part of that genre, it’s a bit different. It’s an all-girl idol group, but there are plenty of other shows in this category that don’t have as much heart. This anime series has a distinctly girlie vibe, which will appeal to anime fans who prefer more relatable characters.

Another aspect to consider is the quality of the cast. The main actress and lead singers are very similar to one another. The actors and actresses are well-versed in Japanese idol culture, but their performances are different. A-1 Pictures is a good choice for anime idols, and this one is a clear example. The production quality is very high and the cast is well-known and talented. However, some fans have complained about the lack of diversity.

Special 7 with 7anime

Special 7 is a strong entry in a crowded genre. Its central characters, Seiji and Shiori, are classic rookie and veteran archetypes, and the show manages to sell their individuality and personalities through dialogue. While the show does lack a social commentary, the action is consistently high throughout. I can’t wait to see what happens next. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

The series features Seiji Nanatsuki, a detective who recently turned detective and fought a robbery. He teams up with his team, the Special 7 (a team of different species), to solve the case. The Special 7 team is an eclectic mix of characters with colorful personalities, and they work together to thwart the merciless Nine. This series does have its moments of levity, but it is ultimately unsatisfying.

The show takes place in a world where dragons once ruled. Now, a few dragons have been able to blend in with humans and create havoc. The Special 7 unit is formed to stop them, and includes a boss, a samurai, a ninja, a casanova, an analyzer, and a sniper. As a result, it has become a staple of anime viewing.

The storyline is interesting enough, but it does fall short. While the cast is mostly unlikable, the premise is interesting enough. A mysterious “Nine” leads the show, and the Special 7 unit is the perfect solution. But the show is not without faults. For example, the aliens in Lost seem a bit obnoxious and annoying. The writing style seems to be less-than-talented.

Master Keaton

If you like anime, you may want to watch the Master Keaton series. The series is split into heartwarming and thriller episodes. Although he sometimes resorts to the use of non-lethal force, he tries to tackle problems with his wits as well as his brawn. The series’ self-contained stories display his esoteric knowledge and empathy. The upcoming second volume of the Master Keaton series is set to release on March 17th.

Although the anime is made for children, it is a good choice for older children. It portrays Keaton as a genius, and he meets many real-life characters throughout the series. Anime adaptations are not known for their depth, so children might have trouble understanding the story. However, this book does feature a variety of different settings, and it shows how Keaton’s childhood influenced his later career.

Another show that starred Master Keaton is Shinesman: Sepia. Although this anime was a flop in Japan, it has gained a substantial following in the United States. It has a strong cast, and some great character interactions. While there are some flaws, the series is definitely worth watching! So if you’re looking for a new anime series, check out this list!

One of the best episodes of the series features Keaton’s esoteric skills. Keaton is a great magician, and he is known for using a soap and water technique to free the kidnapped Anna. However, the best part of this episode is when the kidnapper asks Keaton to free the girl. Keaton is so great at negotiating with people that he manages to convince the kidnapper that the woman is broken, so that he can save her.

Discotek with 7anime

A relatively new company called Discotek is now making its presence felt in the US and Europe through its extensive anime catalog. Originally based in the Northern suburbs of Orlando, this new company has grown to become one of the largest anime distributors in the United States. Unlike its main competitors, Discotek was largely unknown at the time of its establishment, but has since built a strong catalog of anime titles. The company rescued anime titles from various previous distributors that had lapsed licenses.

While many streaming services focus on new releases, Discotek specializes in older titles that aren’t being shown in the United States. For fans of these classic titles, Discotek is the place to go. They offer a wide selection of releases from many different genres, including classic mecha series and the latest cat-themed anime. They also have a reputation for bringing back obscure titles that otherwise wouldn’t have found a Western home. Their latest Blu-ray releases include remastered transfers and English dubs, and new featurettes.

While the quality of these titles is good, some of them could have been better. Discotek owns the rights to the post-apocalyptic remake of Jungle Emperor Leo. Its website also lists the four English dubs for the series. 

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